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The Dish from Trish

Trisha Smith - Editorial Assistant

Trisha Smith

Music and the arts have always been the main ingredients in my recipe for life.

I was raised in a home environment where psychedelic and classic rock radiated throughout the walls daily. I attended as many concerts, plays and art shows as I could growing up, even picking up a few instruments along the way, although nothing to boast about.

I thank my father, brothers and close friends for having such quality taste in music and bestowing it upon me. And, my deepest gratitude goes to my mother whose continual support of the arts and literature—and my time as a thespian—helped fuel the fire in me to pursue my dreams, and not pursue a career in law or medicine, as someone with my high grade point average “should.” I’m rich in soul and experiences, which is sufficient—right?

The wonderful individuals in my life have helped me remain positive, strong and taught me to "allow intuition to lead the way," although this has landed me into trouble a few times.

While attending The Ohio State University’s Journalism School, I spent two years as an arts and news reporter for school’s newspaper, The Lantern. During my stint in Columbus, I did music critiques for a local online music magazine, interned for “The Alternative Station” CD101 and attended countless music festivals, from raves to blues fests to regional/national rock shows. Many of my close friends were deejays or in bands, so I was fortunate to be exposed to music from all walks of life.

After graduating (with honors somehow, since that last year was a blur), I headed for the bigger city—Chicago. I had the wonderful opportunity there to spend time with the weekly, Newcity Magazine, writing over a hundred printed pieces involving music critiques, previews, literature, clubs and news. I also did comedic observational pieces called “Moxies.” So yeah, I’m smart and funny.

Chicago’s music scene is versatile and alluring, full of music deep rooted in the city’s multifaceted culture, which provides a creative playground that invigorates up-and-coming artists. On any given day or night, you have your choice of catching a live show within a plethora of venues spread across the Windy City that serve up anything from original house music and the breakbeats of drum‘n’bass to Chicago blues and jazz. Landmark venues like the Metro, the “Riv” and Aragon on the North Side remain “must-stops” for national rock acts and great outlets for solid city rockers to display their talents in their hometown. I had the good fortune of catching a few shows a week.

Coming from the Midwest to the middle of the Pacific, I knew I would be giving up the intoxicating music scene I had grown accustomed to, but I thought, “Hey, I like reggae music too.”

After moving to Maui a year and a half ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find an eclectic music scene beyond reggae and Hawaiian—although there’s plenty of music I listen to from both genres. I have run into multi-talented artists striving to thrive—several hungry souls looking to be heard and make an impact, maybe even a record. Although the plug was pulled on the alternative radio station, I still have been able to listen to and find some pretty stellar rock music and more across the isle.

Maui’s artistic community is alive and well, with an island environment that cultivates creativity and a host culture we can learn so much from. The scene is by no means cutthroat, as many musicians and artists have other interests going on, and play with a variety of bands on island. My favorite aspects of this community is its artists’ willingness to support good causes, “share the stage” and the camaraderie I’ve experienced within the industry.

Many national acts, and even a few from abroad, make a point to stop on Maui, which is great for local bands to build exposure as many serve as their opening acts. Hopefully, the Valley Isle will become an even more attractive location for musicians and a recurring destination for touring acts, as O‘ahu has become.

Over the last year as the staff writer at The Maui Weekly, I’ve been able to write an assortment of stories, including human interest features, local and community news, along with numerous food, arts, music and cultural pieces. I’m not on Facebook (don’t ask) and I have never “tweeted.” So, I suppose this my space on the worldwide web to let loose about what’s happening, whether it’s arts, music, dining or announce fundraisers for great causes.

You can also hear me on the local airwaves, KAOI 1110 AM & 96.7 FM, each and every Friday morning from 7 to 8 a.m. on The Weekly Dish, my brand new talk variety show where I discuss the upcoming stories in the paper, relay what’s going on around town in the music and arts scene, and highlight local businesses.

Also, don’t forget to check out the paper each week for a variety of community news and events on Maui. Take the time to care.

I’m far from an expert, but I’m extremely passionate and I think I know what I’m talking about. I still have so much to learn—don’t we all?

Feel free to contact me if you have ideas, questions or comments.

So, introducing The Maui Weekly blog—The Dish from Trish.

Aloha and a hui hou!

Oh, and the talented Miss Jessica Pearl takes many of my articles' photos and captures beautiful images like no other I've worked with. She rocks! Check out this amazing photographer at

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