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Vote for candidates who share your vision

November 1, 2012 Picture Maui in 20 years. more »»

Do politicians care about the lower class?

November 1, 2012 This is in regard to the first presidential debate that was on television recently. I watched and couldn’t believe what comes out of politicians’ mouths. more »»

Fontaine gets the job done

November 1, 2012 George Fontaine is highly qualified to represent South Maui in the state House. He has served the community in documented projects over the three decades, in which he worked in Maui County. more »»

Vote as though your life depends on it

November 1, 2012 At this most critical time in history, we are faced with choosing the strongest of the weakest pair of candidates put up by their respective political parties. more »»

Mail-in voting would increase participation

November 1, 2012 This past primary election, didn’t we have a 20 percent voter turnout? What a shame! People just don’t want to drive to the polling places and go through the “rig-ma-roll” that goes on there. more »»

Ing portrayed unfairly

October 25, 2012 I am being portrayed by my opponent [Rep. George Fontaine] as “having no idea how the lawmaking process works. more »»

Speak up for Olowalu!

October 18, 2012 Olowalu is an ecological gem, home to an extensive aggregate coral reef that spans over 450 acres and supports a diversity of rare and precious sea life. more »»

Siege on seniors continues

October 18, 2012 Siege on seniors continues As a senior citizen living on a fixed income, I’m scared to death of what’s happening to our system of government. more »»

New harbor could enhance Lahaina

October 18, 2012 It was with great interest that I read that Harbor Quest LLC has proposed plans for a new harbor near Mala Wharf. more »»

Restaurant will be missed

October 18, 2012 The West Maui Book Club will surely miss David Paul’s Island Grill on Front Stree. more »»

Ryan runs into the truth

October 11, 2012 To borrow from President Lyndon Johnson’s colorful analysis of a Nixon speech, “I may not know much, but I know chicken [poop] from chicken salad. more »»

Romney wins debate

October 11, 2012 Despite Associated Press Chairman Dean Singleton and George Soros’ wishes for Obama to have four more years to continue his destruction of America, it seems as if Mitt Romney finally got some... more »»

South Maui voice in the House

October 11, 2012 Do the people of South Maui need someone who has made a commitment to build a new high School in Kihei and understands the process to obtain funding? Do the people of South Maui want the experience... more »»

Don’t lose friends over politics

October 11, 2012 It’s a sad commentary on people’s behavior at this time. Families are fighting over this election. Lifelong friends have broken up for good. It’s too bad there is enmity, sometimes for life. more »»

Lingle is nonpartisan?

October 11, 2012 This letter is in regard to the recent political ad that is on television for Linda Lingle--the one that says at the end that she approves this message. First, she says that she is nonpartisan. more »»

Hype, spin and cliff jumping

October 4, 2012 I noticed countless letters to the editor in which the writer goes on a rant with incorrect information. more »»

Too much favoritism at the legislature

October 4, 2012 Some political leaders are out of touch with the people they swore to represent: legislators who represent unions, “Big Oil,” political action committees, special interest groups and corporation. more »»

Vote for George Fontaine

September 27, 2012 To my South Maui friends and former students, parents and colleagues: Please vote for Rep. George Fontaine as your District 11 representative. more »»

Vote to keep two-year council terms!

September 27, 2012 The very essence of Democracy is accountabilit. more »»

Mahalo for honest and accurate reporting

September 27, 2012 Thank you for your article [“High Hurdles Remain for Kihei High School” by Susan Halas]. It was well researched and the most authentic story about KHS to date. more »»



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