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Supports alcohol ban in county parks

January 12, 2012 Parks are natural magnets for youth, but are often also magnets for people who use or abuse drugs and alcohol. more »»

Give us a rest

January 5, 2012 Sleep. All humans need it. When animals such as cats and dogs get too numerous, their numbers are controlled. Now I think that most people on Maui would agree they don’t live near farms or ranches. more »»

Does Maui really need a prison?

December 29, 2011 The U.S. has 5 percent of the world’s population, and boasts 25 percent of its prisoners. The prison industrial complex has become big business--a big, profitable business. more »»

Mahalo for helping paddler in distress

December 22, 2011 At Polynesian Shores on Nov. 15, we were all viewing the sunset on the deck when we spotted out in the Pailolo Channel a paddle boarder lying down, resting (?), then sitting u. more »»

Build eco-friendly prison on Moloka‘i

December 22, 2011 Richard Langman’s (“Letters to the Editor,” Dec. 1-7) response to the paper’s Nov. more »»

Too fast and too close

December 15, 2011 In response to “Pedestrians and runners should use streets safely” from the De. more »»

Pedestrians and runners should use streets safely

December 8, 2011 Can you please publish some kind of instruction manual for all the snowbirds on how to cross the South Kihei Road properly after sunset without relying on a flashlight? Last week, I had witnessed a... more »»

What are the rules for police use of force?

December 1, 2011 There have been numerous Internet videos showing the reactions of police to demonstrators in communities such as New York, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Oakland, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, etc. more »»

Ag zoning isn’t rocket science

December 1, 2011 Once again the Maui County Council has shown themselves to be unclear on the concep. more »»

The Prison Island?

December 1, 2011 Instead of building a Maui prison, how about a low-security correction facility on Kaho‘olawe? Inmates there could also be useful in restoring the island, replanting trees, etc. more »»

See ‘Tapped’ with the Surfrider Foundation

December 1, 2011 The recent proposed sale of Betsill Brothers’ property in Waihe‘e caused quite a firestorm! Especially sensitive to the public is the idea of bottling and exporting Maui water. more »»

No recourse for excessive noise?

December 1, 2011 I find it interesting that I can enter a complaint about barking dogs that keep me up at night, or disturb an otherwise peaceful day, but a herd of motorcycles can circle Lahaina over and over on... more »»

Mahalo to Roi Roundup participants

November 24, 2011 The invasive roi was purposely introduced by the State of Hawai‘i to O‘ahu and the Big Island from Moorea in 1956 with the goal of creating a commercial fishery. more »»

Be nice to each other

November 24, 2011 I have been noticing that the economy and other problems we are facing are starting to affect the way we treat each other. more »»

Real estate disclosure laws a joke

November 17, 2011 We recently bought a condo in Kihei and had a property inspection prior to purchasing. more »»

Say you want a revolution…

November 17, 2011 Hayward is a town about 20 miles southeast of downtown Oakland. I have worked as a counselor at a public hospital in the Oakland, California, area for 30 years. more »»

Regarding the death of singer Amy Winehouse

November 17, 2011 Amy Winehouse’s public decent into the primitive abyss of promiscuous sex, profanity and drugs is a reflection of a society that, as her last album title betrays, has gone “Back to Black. more »»

Don’t be cruel

November 17, 2011 If rodents take refuge in your home this fall, please don’t resort to cruel glue traps. Consider these facts: Glue traps are extremely cruel. more »»

Put district voting on the ballot

November 10, 2011 Once again, I emphatically urge the Charter Commission to place the question of district voting on the ballot for the citizens of Maui County to decide. more »»

A cure called “elections”

November 10, 2011 The Legislature’s Democratic majority won’t raise “taxes,” they’ll nickel-and-dime us to bankruptcy on “fees and charges,” carefully orchestrated from our beloved (?) governor’s “wish list. more »»



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