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Love one another

November 21, 2013 In America, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. more »»

Negotiation offers better prospects than escalation

September 12, 2013 Too often, our excellent vision for the faults of others is blinded when facing our own shadows. That kindest of critics once said: only one without sin should cast the first stone. more »»

Costco cruises through PV approval

August 29, 2013 I just found out that the Costco here on Maui has been approved for a PV system. They are going to build covered parking and put the PV system on top of the structures. more »»

MECO making up for past losses on PV installations

August 29, 2013 We have gone through the paperwork and the stall tactics of Maui Electric Company (MECO) with regard to the installation of a photovoltaic (PV) system for our house for the past 10 weeks, and we... more »»

Marriage equality advancing in Hawai‘i

August 29, 2013 We’re really on to something. Recently, momentum for marriage equality in Hawai‘i has hit an all-time high. Gov. Neil Abercombie and our allies in the Legislature are considering a special sessi. more »»

Road construction should be done at night

August 15, 2013 My wife and I had the unpleasant task of taking care of a doctor’s visit in Kahului on Thursday, July 11. more »»

Affordable housing is needed now

August 15, 2013 Thanks to Tom Blackburn-Rodriguez for his excellent article, “Affordable Housing Struggles to Compete in a Rising Housing Market,” in the Aug. 1-7 issue of the Maui Weekly. more »»

Asbestos-ridden material should be carefully managed

August 8, 2013 Back in June, The Maui News reported on an asbestos claim at Hale Mahaolu Lahaina Surf. It was reported that “88 percent of the 112 living units have asbestos. more »»

Group looks to make Maui a ‘No Kill’ community

August 1, 2013 “No Kill” is a proven means to save more healthy and treatable animals entering the shelter system. more »»

Move if you don’t like cane smoke

August 1, 2013 So many letters complaining about cane burning smoke again. more »»

More trees will increase fowl affects

July 25, 2013 Is Councilman Robert Carroll going to also fund the cost of washing all the bird excrement off our cars when we are forced to park under all the trees his recent proposals will require? Do I send my... more »»

Wailuku burglary

July 25, 2013 Beware of the burglars and vandals in Wailuku who cut my screens, broke into my home, rifled through my possessions and stole my jar of loose change, my purse with my Social Security card and a lot... more »»

What is the correct speed limit?

June 20, 2013 The block of South Kihei Road fronting Foodland is posted 20 mph southbound as indicated by the sign by the Maui Fire Department Station. more »»

Senator holding up progress at hospital

June 20, 2013 In our quest for why we can’t have a hospital that offers all services on Maui, let’s talk about the queen of union puppets, Sen. Roz Baker. She is an expert only in the art of arroganc. more »»

What can stop Monsanto?

June 20, 2013 With so many people protesting the Mosanto testing on Maui, when will something change. I know it employs many and they deserve the jobs, and yet Monsanto may be doing damage to other. more »»

Mahalo to Memorial Day volunteers

June 13, 2013 An ocean of gratitude goes out to all who were able to join Hospice Maui for our Memorial Day Celebration. more »»

We should never halt the production of food

June 13, 2013 The U.S. Farm Bill currently being considered by the U.S. Congress is a multi-billion dollar, farm subsidy bill renewed every five years. more »»

Mahalo from Hospice Maui

May 30, 2013 On behalf of Hospice Maui, I would like to extend a warm mahalo to everyone who participated in the Visitor Industry Charity Walk, including our sponsor, Bank of Hawai‘i. more »»

Past administrations have harassed organizations

May 30, 2013 The uproar over the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups seems to be the flip side of earlier administrations, when groups like Greenpeace, the NAACP and PETA were the agency’s favorite targets. more »»

Meat industry bad for workers and animals

May 16, 2013 While the death toll in the Bangladesh garment factory collapse continues to mount, public outrage justifiably grows. more »»



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