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How’s it Working, America?

It’s time to take a good hard look at ourselves and be honest about what we’ve become.

January 10, 2013
Carrll Robilotta - Kahana , The Maui Weekly

Well, we've passed the supposed Mayan-predicted apocalypse. The astute observer might wonder what possibly could have prompted the prophets from an ancient civilization to foretell the end of time. One might hazard a guess that those soothsayers of old somehow had a glimpse at the current reading of our moral barometer.

The spin doctors on the right are every bit as adroit as their counterparts on the left at promulgating and perpetuating the lie to the point that they themselves believe it as truth.

To wit, on the Sunday following the horrific slaughter of 20 first-graders and their teachers in Connecticut, a friend of mine and respected business leader here in Maui quipped, "Better hurry up and get your gun before Obama puts an end to our (God-given) right to bear arms." The statement was mind numbing. And though the church service that Sunday morning included a moment of silence for those massacred, I pondered the perspective which deems our "right to bear arms" of greater value than the lives of innocent kids and adults alike.

Let us consider that the level of madness now commonplace in our society could not have been fathomed when our forefathers penned it a Constitutional right to own firearms. By what measuring stick is it justifiable for anyone to be able to purchase something known as an "assault rifle" and enough ammo to take out an entire town? Would not a stun-gun/taser be more than adequate for anyone seeking personal protection? A clear distinction should be made between those who hunt and should have the right to own game rifles, and those who simply want to feel like "The Terminator."

It is imperative for us as a nation to take a good, hard look at ourselves and be honest about what we've become. The "enemy" abroad, whom we've fervently pursued to the tune of billions of dollars and thousands of lives under the guise of "protecting our freedom," seems not as threatening to America the great as that video-game dazed teenager next door who gets a hold of his mom's Bush Master and mows down the very spirit of the Christmas season.

The time is long overdue, America. Let us look first at ourselves and the things we devote our time and money towards. Will our 80-inch flat screens, "Call of Duty" video games, Escalades, and arsenal of firepower save us from the true enemy within? Ironic it is that the very guns Mrs. Lanza purchased hastened her demise. The enemy she perceived to be "out there" turned out to live within her own home.

How many hours of "Halo" and "Call of Duty" did that deranged young man take in before he could no longer differentiate fantasy from reality? Could this tragedy have been averted by some tough love? Perhaps encouraging him to step outside once in awhile and maybe throw a baseball with the other kids on the block--though, realistically, most kids nowadays seem to gravitate much more towards the video monitor than the backyard or local park. To quote an old high school friend of mine, "How's it working, America?"

Even in the wake of the Connecticut tragedy, we wonder if there might be a correlation between our love affair with violence in our "entertainment" and the real-life madness being played out on our flat-screens like "virtual reality."

Sadly, there are many who will simply consider this latest atrocity as just another snippet in the nightly news. They'll say a cursory prayer and reach beneath their beds to assure themselves that their Glock is locked and loaded, ready to protect them from the Enemy.

Lest we forget, the Bible tells us that the Lord's return will be like a thief in the night.

Hopefully, He won't get shot upon entering.



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