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Too Busy to Care

What happened to common courtesy and good business practice?

January 24, 2013
L. Johnson - Maui , The Maui Weekly

In the past two to three weeks, I've noticed inexcusable behavior among the Realtors and apartment managers of Maui. It's a small disease; but one that modern medicine has not found a cure for. This illness is called arrogance.

The first stage is impoliteness. When we, businesses from the Mainland, make long-distance calls to inquire about possible housing for our employees, we leave messages that contain phone numbers. We do this because we expect a return call from the Realtor.

The second stage is the incubation period. This is when the manager or Realtor refuses to return a call in the normal 24 hour time frame.

The third stage is the arrogance phase. This is when we, the company in search of employee housing, call the Realtor or manager numerous times until a human voice answers the phone. When we state the nature of our call, the reply is the same: "Oh, you're the one that called earlier this week. We're full." Click. Silence.

What happened to common courtesy and good business practice? Is Maui such the hot spot that owners of cottages, rooms to rent, managers and Realtors don't have the time to say, "Sorry, we haven't anything at the moment but try again in a week, month, etc. Thank you for your interest."

Having traveled here, and at present living here for a few months, the housing situation is even worse than before. Currently, I'm being uprooted to a new place because of my job and the shortage of living space.

Just being on the island and making inquires for housing doesn't change the rudeness I've encountered. The attitude seems to be, "We're so busy that we don't care if we get your business or not."

In a few days, the beach just may be my new home. For all the beauty and adventure that Maui has to offer, a little bit of the so-called "aloha spirit" would be nice to experience.



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