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Voters, Where is Your Outrage?

Cheapest solutions aren’t the best solutions

May 30, 2013
Al Rabold - Kula , Maui Weekly

Has the state Department of Transportation, the governor or any of our representatives really considered the best interest of Maui by allowing the new airport access road to intersect Hana Highway at yet another stoplight? Or, in their usual self-serving, O'ahu-centric manner, have they simply chosen the cheapest solution for the state? After all, Maui is just a Neighbor Island, right?

Have they considered the congestion that will be created by three traffic lights within a couple of miles of each other? Two of those roads are the highest usage arteries on Maui! Have they considered the huge amount of traffic that the road itself will carry when the commercial properties along the new route are up and running? Have they had the foresight to anticipate future airport growth? Worse, have they considered the potential accident rates?

And, more importantly, why has the state and our representatives minimized information on the intersection design? Shouldn't it have been on a ballot a long time ago?

People, aren't you tired of always getting the cheapest solutions? Aren't you tired of always being second string--even if it compromises your well-being? If you are, why do you continue to support the same old politicians?

Voters, where is your outrage?



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