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Move if you don’t like cane smoke

August 1, 2013
Gordon C. Cockett - Lahaina , Maui Weekly

So many letters complaining about cane burning smoke again. Is it a fact that ALL of them are from newcomers (less than 50 years) who live in a resort area and were never informed about the smoke by their real estate agent?

There are so many places that they could be living on Maui--if that's what they want to do--that do not have cane burning smoke. I'm not positive, but isn't it every two years that a cane field is harvested? Some years ago, I lived in Waikapu, where we had cane smoke. My attitude was "No can help"--people gotta work.

Now, there are something like 800 people working at HC&S, who would be put out if it had to shut down by these complaints from people who "came from someplace else."

A short while ago, there were a few letters complaining about dust from the bare fields that had recently been harvested. I went to school in Omaha, Nebraska, and rode the bus to the West Coast several times. Funny thing is that the dust there from the recently plowed fields waiting to be replanted is the same as it is here.

Did any of you complain about that dust? Oh, you weren't there? Too bad that you came here then.

So many plantation workers sent children to college on what they make here. So many children of plantation workers went to fight in wars during my lifetime that I would prefer to tell you to go back to where you came from, or else move to somewhere on this island that does not have cane smoke. You now live in Kihei or Wailea? Too bad, but you'll just have to move somewhere else. Enough said.

Gordon C. Cockett




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