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Response to ‘GMOs Not Safe’

December 5, 2013
David Stoltzfus - Site Lead | Monsanto Hawai‘i , Maui Weekly

This is a response to "GMOs not safe" letter in the Nov. 21-27 issue of the Maui Weekly.

A recent letter (by McLaughlin) claims genetically modified crops are not safe, but cites questionable "studies" that have been heavily criticized by scientists for their poor research quality and problematic conclusions.

Unfortunately, there continues to be many false and misleading claims about GM crops, and faulty studies like these tend to be picked up in the media and heavily repeated on the Internet by anti-GM groups.

After decades of research and evidence--including hundreds of studies by scores of research groups--the scientific consensus is that GMOs are no riskier than any other food. Whereas GM crops undergo a stringent regulatory process before being approved for commercialization, federal laws allow other kinds of food crops to be developed and served to the public without going through a similar process.

We realize that questions about our products can be complex, and ask everyone to please take the time to learn more about the scientific consensus on GM crops from credible source such as the National Academy of Sciences, American Medical Association and World Health Organization. offers answers posted by independent scientists, university researchers and other experts. Biology Fortified, an independent educational nonprofit organization, offers a list of peer-reviewed studies at, including more 125 that were independently funded.

At Monsanto, we are passionate about using safe and excellent science to improve agriculture and improve lives. Our products have benefited farmers around the world, and helped farms reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

We're proud of the safety record of our products--after all, we eat the foods grown from our seeds, too.

David Stoltzfus

Site Lead | Monsanto Hawai'i



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