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Where Have All the Authors Gone?

April 24, 2014
Charles Laquidara - Contributing Writer ( , Maui Weekly

I've been thinking about all those great classic novels we read when we were growing up. Those gems are still being assigned to today's students of literature: Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee Williams, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and on and on...

Did you ever wonder where all the James Joyces, Virginia Woolfs and William Faukners of this generation are?

Sure, there have been some great writers in the last several decades and some of their works may even be included in reading assignments of future generations. But really, where are the brilliant "future-classic" authors of this the 21st century?

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Charles Laquidara

I'll tell you where I think they are.

Some are bringing their ideas, manuscripts and treatments to production studios and to talent agencies and personnel directors in New York, Chicago and California, looking to be discovered. The luckier ones are typing away on their computers at home or nestled in cubicles in well-lit offices across the country, sharing ideas, scenarios and concepts and brainstorming with other just-as-brilliant writers, all gleaned from different towns and varying backgrounds. They are combining their energy and skills, churning out brilliant scripts which are not only inspiring, but also happen to generate tons of money at the same time!

Yes, they are out there, making their mark in the combination "business-and-creative-artist world." The results of their writing skills are the topic of conversation at thousands of office water coolers throughout America. Their scripts are entertaining, informative and mesmerizing, blowing the minds of millions of home viewers every evening. These phenomenal writers of our generation are keeping you and me and most everyone we know hooked, glued and mesmerized to a screen that was once ridiculed as a dumbing-down box and a wasteland.

Their scripts on television shows are presented to us not as books any longer, but in a different and arguably more effective, realistic and emotionally enhanced medium.

Of course, one can argue that books are more multi-dimensional because we can use our imaginations with written scenarios and create our own faces for the characters on those pages, but that falls into the age-old argument as to whether "the book is better than the movie."

In my opinion, these writers are the "classic" artist-authors of contemporary literature.

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