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The Facts About GMOs

GMO food has been declared to be as safe as non-GMO food by every major reputable scientific body worldwide.

June 5, 2014
Peter J. Davies - Honolulu resident • International Professor of Plant Sciences at Cornell University , Maui Weekly

In a Maui Now article (May 22) about the anti-GMO petition, it was reported that "Sheehan's argument countered that claim [that the anti-GMO campaign would devastate our county's fragile agricultural economy], saying, "you only have to dig a little bit to understand that GMOs are living organisms that stay alive in your gut; gut bacteria accounts for 70 percent of your immune system."

This is a surprising comment coming from a person claiming to have a Ph.D., as it shows a total ignorance of the biology of food and digestion.

So let's innumerate the facts:

Intestinal bacteria are indeed important for the functioning of the body. However, they treat non-GMO and GMO food in a similar fashion.

While food derived from GMO crops is "alive" (unless cooked), the same applies to all food. Food, GMO or not, does not remain alive when eaten. In the stomach and intestine, it is rapidly degraded so that it is no longer "alive."

All food contains DNA and unless processed, protein as well. GMO food is no different.

The DNA of similar non-GMO and GMO food differs by less than .001 percent.

The body is equipped to break down DNA and protein in the intestine, regardless of the source.

While a small amount of the added DNA in some GMO foods is derived from natural soil bacteria, people ingest millions of such bacteria daily on their normal or organic food, rendering the additional amount in any GMO food meaningless.

There is not a single documented case in over 17 years of GMO food consumption, where the DNA in the food has transferred to the intestinal bacteria.

With regard to GMO papaya, it contains a very small nonviable piece of the DNA of the virus. If you have ever eaten a non-GMO papaya, you have almost certainly consumed a thousand times more of the entire virus!

GMO food has been declared to be as safe as non-GMO food by every major reputable scientific body worldwide, including the National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Medical Association and the European Food Safety Authority, amongst many others.

The author of this commentary lectures at Cornell University, including the role of gut bacteria in human health and immune system function.



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