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Vote for Change on Aug. 9

August 5, 2014
David Doyle - Ha‘iku , Maui Weekly

Change is in the air. Will you be a part of it? We have a chance to broadly define our island's commitment to food sovereignty, food safety, and the health and safety of our citizens, and most importantly, of our children.

Learn about the Shaka Movement's GMO moratorium and pesticide-use initiative. Register to vote! Vote for it in November! Remember, no real farmers--no real food.

I grew up buying leaded gasoline, marveling at asbestos-laden products and playing with mercury in chemistry class. I have witnessed the effects of banning DDT, CFCs and PCBs. Yet I wonder why it took so long to regulate cigarettes and second-hand smoke. Why did it take so long to regulate a product, a chemical, an activity, that was so obviously harmful?

There is now doubt regarding the safety of GMO products, and certainly about the pesticide-use practices employed by GMO research companies operating in our state, on our land, exposing our people and our children. We may never know if a thing is truly "safe," but this is not really the issue. Rather, the question is whether there is doubt about its safety. And there most certainly is. That threshold crossed, our constitution requires us and our leaders to protect the 'aina for future generations for the benefit of all.

The citizens' GMO initiative simply takes this precautionary approach regarding these unproven organisms. May we not come to regret our unwarranted faith in a group of chemical corporations that tell us GMOs and their uses of pesticides are safe.

Make your voice heard by voting on Saturday, Aug. 9, for candidates that truly represent your views. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a council person present at a function you cared about? If it's been awhile, maybe it's time for fresh ideas and fresh voices.

I encourage you to check out these candidates: Terez Amato, Courtney Bruch and Nikhilananda, who are all running for County Council.

Many thanks go to Councilmember Elle Cochran for her inspired leadership on the council.

These are times when it is very important to come together, stick together, get active, and support those who exhibit the courage and vision to act on new ideas that move us forward--not hold us back, or bow to the status quo.

Maui no ka 'oi. Let's live it. Vote on Aug. 9!

David Doyle




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