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Two Sets of Shoes...

August 11, 2014
Daniel Grantham - Ha‘iku , Maui Weekly

Many of us hold strong black or white opinions about conflicts in what used to be called the Holy Land. How strange that believers in religions based on teaching kindness and respect for others would follow leaders willing to blow up innocent people.

Media discussion often sounds like monologues defending one side.

Imagine reversing the situations of the factions to see if that would affect one's judgments.

Suppose Israelis were confined to fenced and walled areas covering a fraction of the land they used to own. Palestinian guards would control all access and exits to those areas. Imported food, fuel and building materials could not exceed strict quotas. Weapons would be prohibited.

Palestinian settlers would regularly occupy and build homes on Israeli land. Israeli protests would be forcibly dispersed by a powerful Palestinian army. Any violence from Israeli resistance would be met by military action. If Israeli violence continued, Palestinian artillery, bombs and missiles would destroy Israeli civilian homes along with public water, sewage and power facilities. Schools and hospitals would sometimes be hit. Palestinians would respond to Israeli suffering by saying it was their fault for hiding terrorists. Israelis would say they were fighting for freedom.

Interesting? That people locked up in their own country would demand freedom? Our politicians would reply that Palestinians had a right to defend themselves. Is it really so hard to come up with a solution providing justice for both sides?

There are two sets of shoes to walk in here.

Daniel Grantham




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