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County Won't Allow Swimming Lessons

Good Evening Swimming Ohana, We wanted to give you an update to the status of our permit request. As you know Maui County Parks & Recreation Director, Glenn Correa, and aquatics recreation supervisor, Duke Sevilla, have continually denied every one of our permit requests for the last 5 months. We have had multiple meetings which led nowhere. We have sent them multiple requests (via email, fax, and telephone calls) to resolve this situation, yet they refuse to correspond with us. We requested a Type III Non-Profit permit and were denied based on the fact that we charge registration fees which are used to pay instructors for teaching the classes. (Although this is legal and we are within the scope of the regulation, and we only charge fees to off-set the cost of running the program). Their second reason was because we charge a register fee, which generates revenues (again, within the scope of the regulation, as long as it is used to off-set the cost of running the p


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just a hmmmmm? Thought. Registration fees will off set the cost of YOUR program?? Will the fees cover, liability insurance for County, pay for the staff that has to pay someone to open and close facilities, maintenance, life gaurd, hourly fees for someone to maintain water levels and keep in State standards of health and safety etc. Just a hmmmm, thought?

Posted 335 days ago.

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